After getting a domain name, its time to find domain registration and get ready to enjoy online presence. Finding affordable registration may be a challenge, but with the right information, you can end up with a very reliable and cheap registration. Here is what you need to do.

Choose Carefully Between Value and Price

  1. An excellent domain name should be one that you can remember easily, but unique at the same time. However, the price of a domain name goes high depending on how good it is. A short and precise one will be in high demand and hence the high price. If you want a one-word domain name with a .com domain, be ready to dig deep into your pocket. If you really need that name and it’s already taken, you can go after the owner and bargain for a price. Instead of using a bizarre name that has no value for your business, spend money buying a domain name that will perform well online and give you long-term returns.
  2. In the last few years, there has been an increase in domain extensions. They have made easy to find a domain other than the top-level domains. They include .design, .club, .guru among others.
  3. Avoid misspelling your domain intentionally because traffic will be going to a website with the correctly spelt version. Also s much as you can to avoid characters such as dashes, asterisks among others.

Get Your Domain Name from Registrar Accredited By ICANN

Before a company is accredited by ICANN, it is taken through various accreditation checks.  This is an in-depth and costly process, so any domain registration company that is willing to do it must be committed to their work.

Be In Control

A good registrar should allow you to be in control of the domain name. If they cannot let you make any changes to the domain, run. You do not have to send emails to their customer support and wait for as long as they want before you are given any assistance. Get the control panel, but be sure to check keenly and know what it allows you to do.


Sometimes cheap is expensive if you cannot find a reliable domain registrar at a low price, try to pay more. It is part of your investment, and a quality registrar can help elevate your business through excellent services.


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