If you’re starting a business and you are on tight budget, you can use free web hosting. It will help your business enjoy online business, which comes with numerous benefits.  Here are some tips that are easy to use and will lead you to a free host with reliable services.

Check On Different Blogging Platforms

Some platforms will give you free web hosting if you can write content and submit. WordPress and Blogger are good examples. They have very minimal downtime because they well established with strong servers.

Look For Sponsorship

Host companies are offering free services to no-profit and charity organizations websites. They do this to give back to the community. Other sponsors give free hosting to sites that have features meeting their requirements such as content of high quality.

There are also other free web hosts that give you free services, but you have to allow them to advertise on your site. It’s a good idea to look for sponsorship if you do not have money to cater for hosting services.

Check Services Given Your Local Internet Service Company

Most inter companies can give you free web space. Check their bandwidth, space and the URL given.

Go For the Main Stream Free Web Hosting Services Providers

There are well known free hosting companies. They give you these free services and they earn by placing adverts on your site. While they may give enough free space, you may have to buy a domain name. Others will give you both domain name and free space. Get details on what company has to offer for free before decide to work with them.


The tips above on to find free web hosting will lead you to the right company. You should know that some companies will give you free services, and it will cost you nothing, but they offer no customer care or technical support. They are no reliable and can ruin your business.

Carry out thorough research before you decide who to work with. A website means a lot to your business, and a low-quality one can be disastrous.


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