In the competitive market today, one has quite a number of web service providers to choose from. It is therefore easy to get one with the services you want. You also get a provider who is within your budget. But the best thing is that you can get a free web host provider and get your website without spending even a single dime. It sounds unbelievable, but there are reliable and trustworthy web host companies with free services for investors marking their businesses online on a tight budget.

 Is It Free?

Yes, it is free as the web provider gives their client a certain website to use as their own without any charges. Although it has some limitations, it can be classified among the reliable and available web hosting you can find.

How Do These Sites Make Money?

For those who have used these sites, they have come across random popups prompting you to click on the links or advertisements which have been paid for by the respective companies or businesses. It is an easy way for the host to make money while giving you free services.

Shortcomings associated with a free web hosting company include;


The website can be hacked and essential information stolen or given to a business offering similar services to yours. Some clients end up calling off the deal as they feel their businesses’ private information is unsafe. So, if you think that your business needs extra security, you need to consider this.

Too Many Clients with Fewer Servers

If many people open the same web page at the same time, it tends to load longer than it should. This is quite disappointing as most people prefer fast loading pages. Some may opt out and look for faster services at a cost.

 Limited Solutions

In case of a business with the intention to grow, the small disk space allocated for every client may not be enough, therefore, hindering the capacity of information passed to the audience. It is tedious and quite inconveniencing having to put on hold your expansion plans due to low disk space.


The free web hosting services limit your ability to expand your business as you do not have your unique domain. It’s, therefore, advisable to go for a free site that has more advanced features than the ones you need.